Uniwell Lynx v7

Version 7.04.0017
Updated 27/11/2016

Download Uniwell Lynx v7

Download for Demonstration and Evaluation

You may download a copy of Uniwell Lynx v7 for demonstration and evaluation purposes. The software can be used in Trial mode for 30 days.

Instructions for Updating Licensed Versions

Please note that we highly recommend consulting with your local Lynx Software Dealer with regard to software updates. New software features may require changes to existing procedures and your dealer is the best person to provide advice in this regard. You must have a valid Uniwell Lynx v7 licence in order to use this software update.

    1. Download the Full Install file
    2. Make a backup copy of your data file (File > Backup Data File)
    3. Run the install file ULv7.exe
    4. Start the new version of Uniwell Lynx
    5. If prompted to convert your data file click Proceed and do not interrupt the conversion process