Uniwell Lynx v7.02.0041

Release Date:    15/06/2016

New HX Firmware

Support has been added for the following new firmware versions.

  • HX-4500/4000/1500-03 v2.50

Item Selection Added to Mix and Match

Now you can select the items to include in your Mix and Match promotions while you are editing the Mix and Match settings.

Other New Features

  • Stock on Order column added to Items data grid
  • Notes added to Item Import/Export
    (| character used in text file to separate lines in multi-line notes)
  • Linked Items listing adjusted to allow for longer descriptions
  • Linked items with no components included in Items export
  • Surcharge option added to Adjust All Purchase Lines feature

Uniwell Lynx v7.02.0011

Release Date:    30/03/2016

Concurrent Access in Enterprise Version

Concurrent access is now available in Uniwell Lynx Enterprise. Click on the link below for more information.

Uniwell Lynx Enterprise Concurrent Access

Emailing Reports and Listings

An Email Message dialog has been added when emailing reports or listings. You can now edit the Subject line of the email and add a multi-line message to the body of the email.

Export Items for Label Printing

Support has been added for exporting to Seagull Scientific BarTender 2016 software.


MixMatchTable added to Import/Export Items.

Uniwell Lynx v7.01.0003

Release Date:    03/03/2016

New AX/HX Firmware

Support has been added for the following new AX/HX firmware versions.

  • AX-3000-03 v5.60
  • HX-4500/4000/1500-03 v2.20


A Select Stocktake Date and Location dialog has been added to reduce calculating stock levels events. In previous versions changing the stocktake date would trigger a calculating stock levels event and then changing the location would trigger it again. Now you can simply click on the Change button to set both the stocktake date and the location and the stock levels will only be calculated once when you click Ok to accept the changes. This new dialog also prevents errors caused by attempting other operations while stock levels are being calculated.

Menu and Shortcut Bar

Saved Reports has been added as an option in the Sales menu and shortcut bar.

Uniwell Lynx v7.00.0065

Release Date: 15/02/2016

Sales Batch Reports Data Grid Improvements

This update includes some exciting improvements to the Sales Batch Reports data grid.

  • Sales Terminal, Location and Date Range filters
  • Z Counter columns
  • Select Columns option

Clerk Filter on Electronic Journal Report

Now you can view or print an Electronic Journal Report for a specific Clerk or a range of Clerks.

Other New Features

  • Add/Delete options added to Edit Attendance Times
  • AX/HX screen layout drop-down lists for Categories, Clerks, Condiment Groups, Cooking Groups, Cooking Instructions and Media populated from the Uniwell Lynx data file rather than from the PRG file
  • Option to use sub-folders for Locations and Sales Terminals added to ‘Copy collected sales data to File Folder’ feature
  • FTP Timeout setting added to Preferences > Communications

Version 7 Highlights #4

So far in our Version 7 Highlights series we have looked at improvements to data grids, reports and email/cloud drive management. In our final instalment in this series we will cover the remaining key new features that will be included in v7.

Receipt Viewer Panels

Finding receipts in Journal Receipts and Customer* Receipts is now much easier. Simply click on a receipt entry in the data grid and see an instant preview in the new Receipt Viewer Panel.

*The Receipt Viewer Panel in Customer Receipts is only available if you have sufficient screen width.

Other New Features

  • Support for AX-3000-03 v5.50, HX-4500/4000/1500-03 v2.10
  • Link PLU Group programming (AX/HX)
  • Scheduled Job execution improved by closing non-busy modal forms automatically

Version 7 Highlights #3

One of the most popular features in Uniwell Lynx is the ability to have reports emailed or sent to a cloud drive. Version 7 includes a number of enhancements to these features making them easier to use and more flexible.

Email Address and Cloud Drive Maintenance

Now you can maintain your email addresses and multiple cloud drives. You can even add a meaningful description to each email address or cloud drive.

Email Address and Cloud Drive Selection Dialogs

The new Email Address and Cloud Drive selection dialogs make sending reports a breeze! Simply make your selection and then click Ok to send your reports. You can even add new email addresses or cloud drives on-the-fly by clicking the New button. As an added bonus these new dialogs also provide a confirmation step before your reports are sent.

Email Log

Check to see what emails have been sent and whether or not any errors occurred.

Version 7 Highlights #2

In Version 7 Highlights #1 we focused on the improvements that have been made to various data grids. Now let’s have a look at some of the new reporting features that will be included in the initial release of Uniwell Lynx v7.

Complimentary Item Sales Report (AX/HX)

Use this report to keep track of items that have been given away using the AX/HX Complimentary PLU feature. It includes the quantity, sales value and cost of the items that have been given away and has a number of grouping and filtering options.

Stock Coverage Report

Do you know how many days your stock will last based on your average sales? The new Stock Coverage Report lets you do just that. Optimise your stock holdings by identifying fast moving items that are understocked and slow moving items that are overstocked.

Top Customers Report

Get to know your best customers with the Top Customers Report.

Other New Reporting Options and Features

  • Full breakdown by individual PLU/Barcodes shown on Item Sales Report when Show PLU/Barcode option is selected
  • Price Level filter on Item Sales and Item Sales by Day reports
  • Group by category option on Stock Write-offs Report
  • Last Visit date shown on Customer Analysis Report