Uniwell Lynx Software Updates

Uniwell Lynx v7.02.0011

Release Date:    30/03/2016

Concurrent Access in Enterprise Version

Concurrent access is now available in Uniwell Lynx Enterprise. Click on the link below for more information.

Uniwell Lynx Enterprise Concurrent Access

Emailing Reports and Listings

An Email Message dialog has been added when emailing reports or listings. You can now edit the Subject line of the email and add a multi-line message to the body of the email.

Export Items for Label Printing

Support has been added for exporting to Seagull Scientific BarTender 2016 software.


MixMatchTable added to Import/Export Items.

Software Update v7.01.0003

Applies to: Uniwell Lynx
Update: v7.01.0003
Released: 03/03/2016
Bug Fixes:
  • Some customer transactions not processed correctly and sales batch numbers skipped if Read Sales Batch Reports screen left open while executing Collect Sales

  • Condiment Groups Listing sorted by description instead of by code

  • Customer payments against a transaction that was partially paid when first entered not processed correctly if AX V4.50/HX V1.00 or later

Uniwell Lynx v7.01.0003

Release Date:    03/03/2016

New AX/HX Firmware

Support has been added for the following new AX/HX firmware versions.

  • AX-3000-03 v5.60
  • HX-4500/4000/1500-03 v2.20


A Select Stocktake Date and Location dialog has been added to reduce calculating stock levels events. In previous versions changing the stocktake date would trigger a calculating stock levels event and then changing the location would trigger it again. Now you can simply click on the Change button to set both the stocktake date and the location and the stock levels will only be calculated once when you click Ok to accept the changes. This new dialog also prevents errors caused by attempting other operations while stock levels are being calculated.

Menu and Shortcut Bar

Saved Reports has been added as an option in the Sales menu and shortcut bar.

Uniwell Lynx v7.00.0065

Release Date: 15/02/2016

Sales Batch Reports Data Grid Improvements

This update includes some exciting improvements to the Sales Batch Reports data grid.

  • Sales Terminal, Location and Date Range filters
  • Z Counter columns
  • Select Columns option

Clerk Filter on Electronic Journal Report

Now you can view or print an Electronic Journal Report for a specific Clerk or a range of Clerks.

Other New Features

  • Add/Delete options added to Edit Attendance Times
  • AX/HX screen layout drop-down lists for Categories, Clerks, Condiment Groups, Cooking Groups, Cooking Instructions and Media populated from the Uniwell Lynx data file rather than from the PRG file
  • Option to use sub-folders for Locations and Sales Terminals added to ‘Copy collected sales data to File Folder’ feature
  • FTP Timeout setting added to Preferences > Communications