Software Update v6.05.0006

Released: 03/06/2015
New Features:
  • AX-3000-03 v5.10 support

  • HX-4500/4000/1500-03 v1.70 support

  • Send Program PLU/Barcode data processing performance improved

  • Progress Bar displayed on FTP communication dialogs for file transfers that support percentage progress updates
  • Delete Database option added to Enterprise Version
  • Rename Database option added to Enterprise Version
  • PostgreSQL updated to Release 9.4.2 in Enterprise Version

    IMPORTANT: The developers of PostgreSQL have advised that this update for PostgreSQL includes a critical fix for a potential data corruption issue and that all users should update their servers at the next possible opportunity.

    Therefore, we recommend that all Uniwell Lynx Enterprise sites be updated to this new version as soon as possible.