ELA Licences and PC Upgrades

Thinking of upgrading your PC hardware, upgrading to Windows 10 or getting a new PC?

All of these scenarios can have an affect on electronic software licences. If you are using Uniwell Lynx with Electronic Licence Activation (ELA) then you need to follow the procedure below when upgrading your PC or transferring to a new PC so that you don’t lose your software licence.

  1. Deactivate your licence BEFORE upgrading your PC or transferring to a new PC(Windows Start Menu > All Programs > Lynx Software > Uniwell Lynx vX Deactivate Licence)
  2. Upgrade your PC or install Uniwell Lynx on your new PC
  3. Start Uniwell Lynx and follow the prompts to Activate your licence(You will need the original Licence ID and Password that was supplied with your software)