Version 7 Highlights #4

So far in our Version 7 Highlights series we have looked at improvements to data grids, reports and email/cloud drive management. In our final instalment in this series we will cover the remaining key new features that will be included in v7.

Receipt Viewer Panels

Finding receipts in Journal Receipts and Customer* Receipts is now much easier. Simply click on a receipt entry in the data grid and see an instant preview in the new Receipt Viewer Panel.

*The Receipt Viewer Panel in Customer Receipts is only available if you have sufficient screen width.

Other New Features

  • Support for AX-3000-03 v5.50, HX-4500/4000/1500-03 v2.10
  • Link PLU Group programming (AX/HX)
  • Scheduled Job execution improved by closing non-busy modal forms automatically

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