Version 7 Highlights #4

So far in our Version 7 Highlights series we have looked at improvements to data grids, reports and email/cloud drive management. In our final instalment in this series we will cover the remaining key new features that will be included in v7.

Receipt Viewer Panels

Finding receipts in Journal Receipts and Customer* Receipts is now much easier. Simply click on a receipt entry in the data grid and see an instant preview in the new Receipt Viewer Panel.

*The Receipt Viewer Panel in Customer Receipts is only available if you have sufficient screen width.

Other New Features

  • Support for AX-3000-03 v5.50, HX-4500/4000/1500-03 v2.10
  • Link PLU Group programming (AX/HX)
  • Scheduled Job execution improved by closing non-busy modal forms automatically

Version 7 Highlights #3

One of the most popular features in Uniwell Lynx is the ability to have reports emailed or sent to a cloud drive. Version 7 includes a number of enhancements to these features making them easier to use and more flexible.

Email Address and Cloud Drive Maintenance

Now you can maintain your email addresses and multiple cloud drives. You can even add a meaningful description to each email address or cloud drive.

Email Address and Cloud Drive Selection Dialogs

The new Email Address and Cloud Drive selection dialogs make sending reports a breeze! Simply make your selection and then click Ok to send your reports. You can even add new email addresses or cloud drives on-the-fly by clicking the New button. As an added bonus these new dialogs also provide a confirmation step before your reports are sent.

Email Log

Check to see what emails have been sent and whether or not any errors occurred.

Version 7 Highlights #2

In Version 7 Highlights #1 we focused on the improvements that have been made to various data grids. Now let’s have a look at some of the new reporting features that will be included in the initial release of Uniwell Lynx v7.

Complimentary Item Sales Report (AX/HX)

Use this report to keep track of items that have been given away using the AX/HX Complimentary PLU feature. It includes the quantity, sales value and cost of the items that have been given away and has a number of grouping and filtering options.

Stock Coverage Report

Do you know how many days your stock will last based on your average sales? The new Stock Coverage Report lets you do just that. Optimise your stock holdings by identifying fast moving items that are understocked and slow moving items that are overstocked.

Top Customers Report

Get to know your best customers with the Top Customers Report.

Other New Reporting Options and Features

  • Full breakdown by individual PLU/Barcodes shown on Item Sales Report when Show PLU/Barcode option is selected
  • Price Level filter on Item Sales and Item Sales by Day reports
  • Group by category option on Stock Write-offs Report
  • Last Visit date shown on Customer Analysis Report

Version 7 Highlights #1

Welcome to the first of series posts highlighting some of the new features that will be included in Uniwell Lynx v7 when it is released on January 29, 2016. In this post we will focus on improvements that have been made to various data grids.

New Grid Style Options

Alternating row style and increased row height options improve the readability of data grids. Both of these options are enabled by default in Version 7. These new settings are applied to all of the data grids in the software and each setting can be enabled or disabled in Setup > Preferences > Theme.

Select Columns

The new Select Columns option that has been added to a number of key data grids allows you to choose which columns you want displayed in the grid. You can edit your column selection at any time and your new selection then becomes the default setting for that data grid.

Print Preview

Want to print the contents of a data grid? Now you can! Filter and sort the grid to suit your needs and then click the Print Preview button to see what your print-out will look like.

Other Improvements

  • An option to edit Clerk Names and Clerk Codes directly in the Clerks data grid
  • The Sell Price Column selection in Item Selling Prices grid is now saved and used as the default
  • Sell Prices 1 to 8 have been added to the Items data grid
  • Last Visit date/time has been added to the Customers data grid

AX V5.50/HX V2.10 Firmware

Support for the new AX V5.50 and HX V2.10 firmware versions will be included in Uniwell Lynx v7 when it is released. These new firmware versions can also be used with the latest release of Uniwell Lynx v6 as they are backward compatible with the AX V5.40 and HX V2.00 support in v6.

Version 7 Countdown Starts!

Version 7 development has now commenced and with a release date of January 29, 2016 the countdown has begun! As the work progresses and new features are locked in for the initial release updates will be posted on the Upcoming Features page of the Uniwell Lynx web site.

Important: Version 6 development has now ended. While critical bug fixes may still be released for Version 6 no new features will be added. Any new Uniwell firmware versions released between now and the release of Version 7 will only be supported in Version 7. All new Version 6 licences and upgrades to Version 6 purchased between now and the release of Version 7 will be entitled to a free upgrade to Version 7.

ELA Licences and PC Upgrades

Thinking of upgrading your PC hardware, upgrading to Windows 10 or getting a new PC?

All of these scenarios can have an affect on electronic software licences. If you are using Uniwell Lynx with Electronic Licence Activation (ELA) then you need to follow the procedure below when upgrading your PC or transferring to a new PC so that you don’t lose your software licence.

  1. Deactivate your licence BEFORE upgrading your PC or transferring to a new PC(Windows Start Menu > All Programs > Lynx Software > Uniwell Lynx vX Deactivate Licence)
  2. Upgrade your PC or install Uniwell Lynx on your new PC
  3. Start Uniwell Lynx and follow the prompts to Activate your licence(You will need the original Licence ID and Password that was supplied with your software)