Software Update v6.07.0010

Released: 28/09/2015
New Features:
  • Support files updated for Windows 10
  • AX/HX journal data receipt end detection algorithm improved to detect some report receipt variations
  • Report receipts excluded from Journal Receipts grid
  • Database size warning disabled when running in Scheduled Communications Only mode
Bug Fix:
  • Updated EJF reports not processed when collecting sales from an FTP server

Software Update v6.06.0017

Released: 08/09/2015
New Feature:
  • AX/HX Bill Detection Text added to Preferences > Other
    (This field MUST match the User Text # 23 setting in AX/HX terminals in order for Bill Numbers to be extracted from the Journal Data report)
Bug Fixes:
  • Some or all batches not included when printing or emailing batch reports during a scheduled job if communication errors occur during the scheduled job
  • Error 94 when printing or emailing batch reports during a scheduled job in Enterprise Version
    [Invalid use of null]
  • Some data lost during data conversion when converting tables will extremely large numbers of records in Enterprise Version

Software Update v6.06.0007

Released: 27/08/2015
New Features:
  • Support for collecting PLU wastage from AX/HX
  • Item Wastage Report
  • Support for ‘BILL:’ as BILL text in AX/HX journal data
  • PostgreSQL updated to 9.4.4 in Enterprise Version
Bug Fixes:
  • Incorrect Sales Terminals Setup Instructions report for HX-4500 and HX-1500
  • Day of week filters not applied correctly when processing back-dated scheduled jobs
  • Updated EJF reports not included when collecting sales from an FTP server
  • Sales Terminal listed multiple times in header of emailed consolidated batch reports if multiple batches from the same Sales Terminal are included

Software Update v6.05.0015

Released: 23/06/2015
New Features:
  • Next Scheduled Job shown in Shortcut Bar
  • Active Items filter setting on Items Grid saved when exiting grid and restored when grid is opened
  • Drop-down Condiment Group lists changed to drop-down Look Up PLU lists when editing items if DX Flag 5H is enabled (Is set menu)
Bug Fix:
  • Duplicate invoice warning for Stock Purchases not shown if Enter key pressed while Invoice # field has focus